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Professional C# 2005 with .NET 3.0

March 13th, 2010 .Net, C, C++, C#

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Product Description
Providing you with the ultimate guide to the language, this book will help you quickly write your own programs while also getting you up to speed on how the .NET architecture works. It not only covers the fundamentals of but presents numerous examples of applications that use a variety of related technologies, including database access, advanced graphics, and directory access.

You’ll first find a comprehensive tutorial that takes you through C# 2005 and the .NET 3.0 Framework, enabling you to begin writing managed code. Next you’ll explore the vast .NET class library and discover how to use C# to solve various tasks. You’ll then see how to utilize Visual Studio® 2005 to create applications based on .NET. And you’ll gain the skills needed to build Windows Forms, Windows Services, web pages, and more.

* Preparing readers to program in C#, this authoritative guide provides the necessary background information on how the .NET architecture works
* Begins with a tutorial on C# 2005 and the .NET 3.0 Framework, then moves through the vast .NET class library, showing how C# can be used to solve various tasks
* Includes coverage of the new .NET 3.0 Framework, Generics, ObjectSpaces, .NET 3.0 in SQL Server, ASP.NET 3.0, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, arrays, system transactions, tracing, and event logging
* Additional coverage includes such topics as writing Windows applications and Windows services, writing Web pages and Web services with ASP.NET 3.0, manipulating XML using C# 2005, and generating graphics using C# 2005

What you will learn from this book
* All about C#’s syntax and data types as well as more advanced programming concepts
* Strategies for enhancing security and generating your own libraries as assemblies
* Ways to access databases with ADO.NET
* How to use GDI+ to build applications with sophisticated graphics
* Tips for using Windows® Communication Foundation and Windows® Workflow Foundation
* How to write programs which take into account the new features and barriers found in Windows Vista

Who this book is for
This book is for the experienced developer, although no previous knowledge of C# or .NET programming is assumed. It is also for programmers who know .NET 2.0 and are interested in learning .NET 3.0 and Visual Studio 2005.

Enhance Your Knowledge
Advance Your Career

Wrox Professional guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real-world needs of programmers, developers, and IT professionals. Focused and relevant, they address the issues technology professionals face every day. They provide examples, practical solutions, and expert education in new technologies, all designed to help programmers do a better job.

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